Develop and execute a program that attracts more funding in 16 weeks

Even if you have no program experience, have a small team, or have reached your capacity!

We understand you’ve been tasked to design a new program for your organization

You’ve worked hard and have almost completed all of the preliminary work.

You’ve checked off all of the major boxes:

✔️Figured out who you want to help - You’ve taken the time to survey the land and find a real issue to solve

✔️Outlined objectives - You know the impact you want to have on the participants that come through your program

✔️Aligned with organizational goals - You’ve made sure that the program meets the requirements of your organization

Now the only thing left to do is what you’ve been avoiding...

Start the dreaded process of turning that research into a full fleged program😖

As a Executive Director you already have so much on your plate

And you probably have a million things going through your head, like...

How am I going to structure this program and it’s curriculum to get the best results?

Who’s going to book the venues, order catering, and handle all of the other logistics?

Do I have the time and manpower to host another program?

What does the evaluation plan and final report need to look like to attract more grantors and show measurable impact?

We understand, and have experienced it time and time again

But get this...

Imagine being able to develop and execute a program without adding anything extra to your plate.

For $40,000 less than what it would take to hire a program manager.

That’s why we created the...

Program Mastery Accelerator

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What’s included?

One Day Deep Dive

With a dedicated day of strategic planning, we'll work closely with you to develop clear goals and measurable indicators to ensure your program's success.

Top-TIer Talent and Expertise

Our extensive network of industry professionals allows us to bring in the best talent and subject matter experts to enrich your course material, providing invaluable insights and guidance.

Streamlined Logisitcs

Say goodbye to logistical headaches. From room bookings to catering, we'll take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional learning experience.

Tailored Cohort Selection

We'll meticulously curate your cohort to ensure you have the perfect mix of individuals who are not only qualified but also aligned with your program's vision.

Engaging Session Materials

Get ready for interactive and engaging sessions. We'll provide stimulating materials and activities to keep your participants hooked and hungry for more.

Comrehensive evaluation

As your program concludes, we'll compile a comprehensive report showcasing your achievements and include testimonials from participants. Making it easier to gain support and resources.

One of Mr. Bower's greatest strengths lies in his problem-solving abilities. He has played a pivotal role in developing and executing innovative initiatives that have significantly improved our organization's effectiveness, outreach, and community development. His strategic insights have not only led to increased funding opportunities but have also helped us to expand our services and make a more profound impact on the communities we serve.”

I appreciate his outstanding contributions as a Program Manager.

Joshua brought strategic vision and organizational prowess to the table. His ability to navigate complex program landscapes, align various projects with overarching goals, and drive successful outcomes was truly commendable.”

Let us turn your vision into reality!

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One Day Deep Dive - Valued at $2997

Top-Tier Talent and Expertise - Valued at $997

Streamlined Logistics - Valued at $1497

Tailored Cohort Selection - Valued at $997

Engaging Session Materials - Valued at $1997

Comprehensive Evaluation - Valued at $1497

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BONUS: Workshop Facilitation Guides and Agenda Templates -

Valued at $97

BONUS: Implementation of our program management infrastructure - Valued at $14,997

BONUS: FREE branding consultation and kit - Valued at $1497

BONUS: FREE evaluation consultation and training -Valued at $997

BONUS: FREE grant writing consultation and training - Valued at $997

Total Value - $32,567

Average Salary of Program Manager - $50,000+

Today’s Price - $9,997

** Act quickly to secure your spot at our limited pilot program price before it's too late! There’s only a total of 5 spots **

If you are not completely satisfied with the progress of your program after 30 days, we’ll refund you 100% of your investment. That's our commitment to your satisfaction and success.

“I enjoyed working with Josh during the 2023 BWS Chamber Contractor Academy. His scheduling and planning played a role in launching a successful learning series. Josh’s cheerful personality and support with session activities, such as technical support, was very valuable. His involvement kept energy high and enthusiasm flowing throughout. I'm excited about future collabs!”